Monday, June 30, 2008

Test Your Menopause I.Q.

From developments at Wyeth (pending lawsuit in Canada and a new menopause drug -- Pristiq-- being readied to enter the market), recently released research studies about women and HRT (fewer are taking it), and the general confusing din about "HRT: good or bad?", I've decided to go back to basics... What is going on inside my own body? How can I use the resources I already have (my diet and nutritional choices, my ability to go outside and exercise, etc.) to make myself feel more in balance and ready for whatever changes come as I age? How can I keep my mind-set positive and upbeat -- and does state of mind really matter?

If you, too, need to be recentered in the midst of all this swirling confusion, here's a enlightening Test Your Menopause I.Q. quiz from Women to Women. There are so many myths and misunderstandings floating around out there about menopause, which ones are you still believing?

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