Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year, New Blog

Okay, so this my little venture into blogland needs a facelift! I am currently barnstorming the blogosphere looking for role models. If I've left a comment in the past few weeks on your blog -- hi! It means you are doing something good!

Questions I am asking myself right now --

1. Will the whole Verizon is now Fairpoint switch screw up my blogger account (I guess my verizon email addresses disappear on 1/1/09)?
2. Should I keep this name? Is this where I am going? [Shudder as I type this...] What is my brand?
3. No matter what I end up doing, a blog editorial calendar is a must!

1 comment:

Elizabeth Scott said...

You left a comment on my blog last month, and I stopped by to say hello, and am loving your blog! And, yes, I think most of us on the blogsphere have had to ask ourselves these questions and many of us shudder while doing so, lol! (Must we 'brand' ourselves? Oh, yes, apparently we must!) I'll be looking forward to seeing what form your blog takes this year, if you end up changing anything. I'm sure it'll be great!