Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Joining the Ranks

Health news headlines are crowded with stories about women's hormonal and reproductive health, diet and exercise, menopause and HRT, and findings from recent breast and ovarian cancer studies. Several bloggers have already undertaken the daunting task of trying to make sense of this confusing -- and often conflicting -- stream of information. So why another blog about women's health? I'm hoping to add to the superb work already being done by Our Bodies, Our Blog and My Menopause Blog (among others) by examining all the latest news, websites, and current events -- this time with an eye on holistic health and alternative/integrative medicine.

For an introduction to holistic/integrative medicine and how it pertains to women's health, a great article to read is this one by Marcelle Pick on WomentoWomen.com. It defines all the alternative health buzzwords and underscores how alternative/holistic treatments work to fill in the gaps of conventional western medicine. I love the Women to Women site because it provides an impressive depth of helpful information in a balanced, easy-to-understand format. As I try to untangle women's health issues for my own freelance writing projects -- and to improve my own hormonal health and general wellness -- I find myself going back to this site again and again. Enjoy!

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